A Commentary on Carla Lonzi’s „Vai pure“

A Commentary on Carla Lonzi’s „Vai pure“

A Commentary on Carla Lonzi’s „Vai pure“. Reading, translating, talking, editing, performing, listening. Ed. Karolin Meunier

The research investigates the writings of the Italian art historian, poet and feminist Carla Lonzi. I am particularly interested in »Vai pure« (Scritti di Rivolta Femminile, Milan 1980), a conversation between Lonzi and her partner, artist Pietro Consagra. My commentary consists of dialogues that are composed from transcriptions of recorded reading sessions with several collaborators. In the course of a decelerated and non-linear process of reading, translating into English and commenting on »Vai pure«, a new layer of conversation unfolds in relation to the couple’s exchange. The participants react on particular words, the historical context of Lonzi’s writing as well as on their own understanding of art, productivity, recognition and feminism today. The edited script is the basis for performances and readings.

Conversations with: Federica Bueti, Paolo Caffoni, Adriana Casalegno, Luisa Lorenza Corna, Raphaël Cuomo, Allison Grimaldi Donahue, Chiara Figone, Maria Iorio, Ariane Müller, Alex Martinis Roe, Traudel Sattler, Stephanie Weber, Giovanna Zapperi and others.

The complete material will be published with b_books/Archive Books Berlin, forthcoming, Design with Till Gathmann

Feminismus. Podcast mit Federica Bueti
Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Hamburg 2020

On „Vai Pure“ by Carla Lonzi. Reading Session 1+2, Edit 2.
Text in: Klassensprachen, Magazin, Ausgabe 0, Berlin 2017


Postcard IV: Reading Session 15, Edit 2, 2020 (Exhbition: Radio-Acitivity. Collective Approaches in Art and Politics, Lenbachhaus München).