Reading Group for Science Fiction and Critical Theory

The Xenoverse, is a subspace in the Multiverse. The space-time constellation that is truly alien, where the laws of nature and of inter-being contact cannot be grasped. The xenoverse is a reality altogether unknowable to us. Xeno- as a prefix, describes the foreign, the alien, the quality of radical alterity. After Duala-M‘Bedy, The Xeno is to be differentiated from the Other. While the Other is a projected self, without its own subjective ontological world experience, the Aliens world experience is altogether unattainable. So much so that it renders the self automatically as alien as well. The subsequent encounter demands for an acculturation that will have to lastingly alter the worlds and world experiences of both aliens.

The Xenoverse is also that metrical line that will always stay unfathomable, the meaning of which will never be deciphered. The crypticism of which will veil and close off the world of the poem for the reader forever. With that it also holds a richness, a potential for language that we not speak, and represents that which we not know and can not know because its truly outside of us and our channels of possible communication.

Science Fiction as a narrative genre is deeply entangled with questions of post-colonialism, race, gender, otherness and Alienation, utopia and autonomy. Over the course of 200 years it has developed its own concepts of language, affect, intertextuality, character- and world-building. The genre is defined by its connection to science (to the history and crimes of science, to its entrapment with the specter of progress and its ideology of objectivity) and its inquiry into ontology.

To read Sci-Fi theoretically and theory speculatively - the reading group meets monthly to discuss alternately a book of fiction and works of critical theory such as queer theory, anthropology, media studies and literary theory, post-colonial and post-socialist theory that relate to the discussion of Sci-Fiction.

A selection of authors we have read so far: Octavia Butler, Samuel R. Delany, Edouard Glissant, Marge Piercy, Saidiya Hartman, Fredric Jameson, Ursula LeGuin, Esteban Jose Muñoz