Helene von Oldenburg & Claudia Reiche (Hg.)

Very cyberfeminist international reader

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We have become aware of the ways in which cyberfeminism has become an influence within discursive fields of gender studies, media theory, political theory and action, concepts in art etc. and hope to contribute to the rise of cyberfeminist works and studies. Cyberfeminism is not merely enacted in these regions, the input of cyberfeminism alters the fields themselves and affects our attempt to map them and our activities within them. The term cyberfeminism literally means ‘feminism in relation to digital media’. As you will see in these articles, cyberfeminism is many things to many people, and we will not attempt to give a concise definition of it here.

The volume should serve as an initial orientation within the diverse territory of cyberfeminism. The field is still in the process of definingitself, as is proper for any new discipline. The articles in this collection, although widelydivergent in areas of inquiry, all mark areaswhere cyberfeminism has altered or undermined the basis of disciplinary practices and cultural analysis.


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